Mham Ilw Arts What to Expect From a Somananda Tantra Retreat

What to Expect From a Somananda Tantra Retreat

Tantra School is an innovative spiritual institution devoted to the true tantric teachings. Somananda is located in Delhi, India. Its teachings encompass vast areas of knowledge on religion, science, psychology and sexuality. The primary focus of Somananda is to encourage students to discover the true voice of their creative energy, in order to develop their fullest potential as well as cultivate an enduring religious and spiritual education. A student learns tantra from a tantra master, who is not only an experienced tantra teacher but also an important role model for his pupils. All levels of tantra are welcome at Somananda and you will receive all the necessary instructions and support you need to begin your training.

Want To Step Up Your Tantra School ? You Need To Read This First

In the tradition of ancient tantra and Indian meditation, we come in contact with the Goddess Siva several times during our daily life. This being the case, we need to understand her importance in our lives as a tantra teacher training. The Goddess has several roles in the scheme of things; she is often associated with compassion and mutual love, but she also rules motherhood and can be worshiped as an embodiment of female power.

To this day, the true meaning and the purpose of all the three divine deities – Shiva, Brahma and janmashtami, remains largely a mystery in the pantheon of modern conventional wisdom. However, every one of us has an inner knowing that links us to this cosmic energy that affects all aspects of our daily life. Through diligent practice of yoga, jnana and tantra, we learn to tap into this energy, which links us to the Goddess. Because of this, we receive the full benefits of these divine deities in the form of various advantages such as better digestion, restorative sleep, emotional stability, and much more.

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