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The Importance of Home Inspections

A home inspection is basically a non-invasive, limited examination of the structural condition of a property, usually in connection with the selling of that property. Home inspectors who have the proper training and professional certifications to carry out such inspections are often called “home inspectors”. A qualified home inspector will carefully and skilfully examine every nook and cranny of your home, both inside and out, with an eye towards identifying problems before they become serious issues that may require remodeling or renovation of your home. In many states, home inspections must be performed by licensed home inspectors, and these inspections must be performed in a designated home inspector’s office. Home Inspectors also offers warranties on their work and guarantee that defects will be corrected and that your home is in good repair.

The Importance of Foundation Inspections

While it is true that home inspectors are not magicians and cannot prevent you from buying a home or selling your home, the professional opinion of a qualified home inspector can help put your mind at ease. When purchasing a home or preparing it for sale, home inspectors are often consulted about things such as existing foundation problems, roof issues, wood destroying walls, plumbing leaks, gas leaks, electrical wiring, etc. When you consider the hundreds and thousands of dollars you will spend on repairs or home remodeling alone, the cost of a single small flaw can amount to several thousand dollars, far more than what you would pay for the services of a single home inspector. And don’t think that just because a home inspector doesn’t find a problem that it was the buyer’s fault. In many cases, the problem was already fixed at the time of purchase and was never noticed by the purchaser (even if it was later), or by the seller (especially if the seller had done everything correct).

Home inspectors are very important to the real estate industry because they help protect buyers from unscrupulous salesmen and builders. When you hire one, be sure to check his or her credentials to ensure he or she is licensed in Ontario. Many provinces require home inspections to be performed annually, but many provinces also have their own individual licensing requirements. In addition to licensing, home inspectors should also undergo training that ensures they understand the standardized home inspection standards that are used across the country. Home inspectors in Ontario are regulated by the Province of Ontario through its Real Estate Services Plan.

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