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Nic Salts UK

Nic salt UK is a company that produces a wide range of electronic cigarettes and other smoking cessation products. They have succeeded in creating a product that is not only an effective aid for stopping smoking, but also has a lot of appeal as an alternative to smoking in general. They have spent considerable amounts of time and money on research, so that their products are as good as possible. One of their products, called nic salt, can be seen in most tobacco shops in the UK. It is extremely easy to find and purchase online.

A Review of a Smoking Alternative

If you are new to smoking, or vaping e-cigs, then you will need to learn some of the slang. Basically, nic salts UK sells what they call their “lightweight electronic cigarettes”. These salts have now been created to be readily available in liquid form, but are actually manufactured in a manner that makes it difficult to use as a smoking replacement. Basically, nic salts or includes a special ingredient to the e-juice, which reacts with the nicotine in the e-liquid to create a white salt alternative! By using this alternative you don’t get the harmful nicotine effect, while still getting the satisfaction of a cigarette.

There is also an option for users of nic salts UK to order what is known as a “pleroid” from them. These are basically very small, pre-filled, nicotine salt systems, that can be placed under the tongue to start the process of quitting. The nice thing about these is that you do not need a prescription to buy one. You simply fill one up and keep it in the pocket or in your purse, and you are all set.

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