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Industrial Portable Evaporative Cooler

Industrial portable evaporative cooler are designed for use in industrial applications and provide cooling as well as air conditioning throughout various sectors of the business. Typical residential and commercial portable evaporative coolers are characterized by their characteristic design and use of water as a cooling process instead of air conditioning. Residential evaporative cooling towers are placed on the roof and provide cooling at the dwelling. This cooling solution can also be used for air conditioners in the open air.

 All About industrial portable evaporative cooler

Industrial portable evaporative cooler units are used in manufacturing plants where hot air is needed to protect equipment from overheating. In such instances, an industrial evaporative air cooler is used that operates on the principle of sublimation to trap warm external air and cools it by drawing it through a sealed evaporated water cycle. Then moist, cold air is conveyed to the workplace through a vent in the ceiling or wall.

Industrial portable evaporative cooler units employ a number of mechanism to obtain optimal results. Typically, the cooling tower is connected to a ground source air delivery system using adjustable louvers and hoses; hose connections are provided through adjustable louvers, variable speed fans, positive pressure balancing and a positive air pressure signal. A closed loop liquid refrigerant is then passed through a pre-filter containing a pre-filter bead, a sorbent, and grit. The air flowing through the evaporator is then passed through a booster coil, a compressor, and an evaporator fan.

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