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Fashionable and Functional – The Jumpsuit!

A jumpsuit is usually a one-pieces garment with short legs and sleeves and usually without integral covering for the head, hands or feet. The original jumpsuit was the simple one-piece suit used extensively by military parachute pilots during World War I. Designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, it had no armholes, no leg openings, and no head openings. This meant that the pilot could carry out his normal flight manoeuvres while avoiding detection from enemy fire, yet keeping his aircraft balanced and functioning properly in all circumstances.

How to Know About Fashionable and Functional – The Jumpsuit!



During World War II, the design of the jumpsuit was changed to better protect pilots and soldiers from hypothermia after being exposed to cold temperatures without any protective clothing. The changes to the jumpsuit also gave the wearer a more casual look and made the suit easier to move in without special shoes or gait trainers. The changes to the jumpsuit also made the suit lighter, allowing the wearer to move faster than ever before.

Today, the jumpsuit has undergone a great deal of change, becoming one of the most fashionable and useful pieces of any woman’s wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a jumpsuit to work or on a date, you will find that this one Piece Garment can easily and quickly add colour and style to your wardrobe. With a wide selection of colours, cuts and lengths available, the jumpsuit can complement almost any outfit and offer you a range of versatile fashion pieces for every occasion. Whether you are wearing a black jumpsuit to work or a romper to the club, chances are that you will find a jumpsuit that suits your fashion needs perfectly!

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