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Child Counselling – Play Therapy

Child counselling is useful to: Children that have had trauma through bereavement or family break up. Children that have had sexual abuse. Children that have low self esteem, insecurity or depressive mood.

Child Counselling – Play Therapy

The child counselling and play therapy work hand in hand to help the children to gain confidence, improve their emotions, interpersonal skills and interpersonal relationships. There are different types of child counselling and play therapy that can be used for the children that have had trauma or low self esteem. The therapeutic environment can be a positive one where the child feels they can discuss their feelings and the reactions of others in an open environment where they can be heard and understood. This type of environment helps to build the child’s self-esteem again.

The child counselling and play therapy combination has been proven to be very effective in improving the behaviour of children with various types of behavioural issues. The combination has helped to develop better coping mechanisms for the children to learn new coping mechanisms and how to overcome anxiety and feelings of anxiety and shame without losing control and getting worse. It has also helped the children with learning difficulties to adapt better to their environment.

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